Monday, July 30, 2012

Foodie Penpal for July

This month I won't write about my Foodie Pen pal. Although it was a lovely parcel with a load of yummy goodies. Thank you so much!!

But this month I had a load of problems with my foodie pen pal parcel!
I put it together with a lot of consideration and love for food. And the mail screwed it up. Twice!!

First it came back to me because they couldn't read the address. Considering that it had a big black smear across the front it doesn't surprise me. So I repacked it with care and sent it off again.
This morning I check the stats and it hasn't left the post office that I brought it to!
So after I saw that I went there and asked WTH?! They looked around their office, and couldn't find it. It seems to have disappeared. They are conducting a search for it and if it doesn't get found I'll get a refund for the postage and what the inside was worth but man I am so ticked!! It is the first time this has ever happened to me! Now it might take up to two weeks before it might be found.
I feel awful that my foodie pen pal hasn't received her goodies!
So to make it up to her I will send her a new one this month AND my foodie pen pal this month too.

I hope this never happens again. But I am thankful for parcel tracking.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My shift times kind of suck

2 weeks ago my shift times at work changed thanks to a new law here in Germany.
My shift times now are 9:30 am to 7 pm for morning shift
7pm till 4 am for night shifts
and 8 m till 4 pm for the in between shifts.

Figuring out when to exercise is a challenge for me to be honest. I never now how the shift will be. I have mostly the morning shift. My hubby works all day to. He comes home at 6pm. Of course I want to spend as much time as possible with him. And I have a home to clean, and yes hubby helps to, and cats that need some attention.
So today I sat down and looked at what I can do.

So far I figured out this:

Tomorrow I will get up @ 5 am
go out for a jog by 5:30 am
come back by 6 am, strength by 6:30am
then stretch and shower, wake hubby up my 7:20 am.

Then I still have time until 9 am, then I have to get ready and go to work. Have to be there by 9:30 and open up by 10 am.
I'll be working until 7pm and I'll be home by 7:15 pm.
Then cooking and some cleaning and time with hubby and cats.

If at work I notice that it was too much I'll have to sit down and figure out something new.

Monday, July 9, 2012


I'm on day 6 from the 30 day shred, after I had to restart due to a slight injury after I did 4 days the last time. According to a few people that did the shred they started to see results after this time.
I do not.

I have to remember that in losing weight there is no quick fix solutions, no magic pills and no way around hard work and dedication. Yes there are days where I am very discouraged. Those are the days I have to remember where and why I started and the reasons why I want to keep going.

I want to feel good about myself and not ashamed to run/walk around in a skimpy bikini.
I want to run and NOT feel my hanging belly slap against myself. Geez that is embarrassing I can tell you. And yes it has gotten a while lot better.
I want to wear the cute clothes I see where the largest size is a German 42 woman's. (Around a size 10 US size I think)
I want my hubby to be proud of me. Although I have to admit he is very proud of me already.

And the biggest reason I want to lose this weight is for a baby. I can't get pregnant if I weight to much. That has been proven to me twice already. The first time when I hit 112 kilos the second time when I hit 110 kilos. They both ended tragic but that will not stop me from trying again!

So today I recommit myself to this. I will do my shred twice today to make up for the missed day yesterday and from then on I will dedicate myself to finishing this strong.

I know I can do it. The only thing that can stop me is me after all.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Foodie Penpal for June

I'm a little late posting this Blog about my foodie penpal for June. I had to go to a diffrent location for work without a advanced notice. 
So this is my June package. I am always eceited to get a penpal. And this time my penpal was Carol Anne. This is what it looked like when it came in the mail.

And this is it after it was unwrapped. I loved the cupcake theme wrapping paper.
 When I opened it I was like: what the heck! Cause I had what looked like oatmeal flakes in the box that fell to the carpet. I thought something she sent broke. But nothing was damaged. It was from the Cranachan Marshmellows. They are in the box in this picture.
I tried one right away and that was the death of them. They are so delishous I couldn't stop. I gave my hubby a bite and that was all he got. The rest were mine! And I enjoyed each and every chewy gooey morsel.
I also recieved a candy called Rock. Really really sweet. 
The yo yos were so good! The peach flavour really came out on those. I haven't tried the Bounce energy ball yet. ut I will soon. Doing the shred takes the energy right out of you.
I ate all the oatcakes. What I liked about them is that they were not sweet at all. 
And then those beautiful baking cases and glitter. I'm waiting for a special occasion to use those. 

This was my june foodie penpal. I loved it! And can't wait till Julys

Friday, June 22, 2012

30 Day shred and wheat intolerance

I started the 30 day shred a few days ago. And thanks to my wheat intolerance I had to skip yesterdays workout due to migraine headaches. I would have been mad if I had the brain to do so. But it was totally out of order yesterday. I barley functioned. Thankfully I'm on my vacation, so I didn't have to worry about work.

The 30 day shred is really kicking my butt. I curse Jillian every time she's on  my TV screen. I have a bad sailor mouth by the way. But I am very happy with some of the results I've seen so far. And that after only 3 "days". My jeans that were a little tight in the calf is getting loose. And so are the thighs. And although my scale is telling me I've gained weight, I choose to ignore it and use my clothes and measuring tape to determine if I lost or not.

As to my wheat intolerance, it has gotten a whole lot worse. After I've cut so much wheat out of my daily eating, I get the worst Migraine headaches. I'm not sure how much wheat is needed to trigger one of those. I'm not willing to find out either. I do know that my beloved cookies are out of the house. If I want cookies I have to make them myself. So now I'm looking onto cookie dough that is freezer friendly.
I think sugar cookies are a good start.
For now I made a coconut cake where you use a cup to measure out the ingredients, and some chocolate chip spelt flour cookies for when the craving hits me. I needed to make the cake cause we're invited to coffee and cake at my hubby's uncles and they buy their cake. So there is wheat in it. And I don't want to sit there and watch the others eat cake, that's really hard for me to do. Reminds me of some things in my childhood. (Don't want to go there) And they know that I have some wheat intolerance, they just don't know how bad it has gotten. So they won't mind if I bring some cake with me. I'll even bring enough for everyone to try if they want to.

Here is the recipe for the coconut "cup" cake

To measure the ingredients you need two small coffee cups.
2 cups of Buttermilk
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
4 cups of spelt flour (or normal flour if you want)
1 packet of backing powder
2 cups shredded coconut
1 cup sugar
2 cups sweet whipping cream unwipped

Combine the Buttermilk, eggs, sugar, Flour and Baking powder to a nice cake dough, put it in a slightly greased baking sheet. Stir the coconut and sugar together and sprinkle evenly onto the cake dough.
Bake for 20 minutes at 175 Degrees Celsius, afterwards pour the cream evenly on top of the cake and bake for another 5 to 8 minutes.
Let cool completely and enjoy!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My anti flabby tummy diet

OK first off this isn't a diet it's a change in my way of eating for the better. A so called lifestyle change. And it's a healthy one, made up from things that have worked out in the past for me and some of the newest medical discoveries. I do my research.   ;-)

So the food guidelines for me are:

6+ Portions of Veggies daily. 1 Portion = 1 Handful
2 Portions of Fruit daily. 1 Portion = 1 Fruit or 1 Handful
Breads, cereals etc only once daily and when at breakfast and then make sure there is no wheat in it. Wheat causes a "beer" belly. You can read up on this in a lot of diet and medical magazines.
Cake, cookies or donuts only on Sundays! Then only a small piece, 2 cookies or 1 donut only.
Eat lean proteins, Fish, chicken, beef, lamb, and pork in that order. Eggs belong to category chicken.

I will allow myself one cheat meal in a week if I remember to have one and if I do it will be a very small one.

If I crave sweets I will eat dried fruit instead. Dried pineapple is very sweet and I only needed 3 pieces to curb the craving.

As for the exercise guidelines:

I will do the exercises a personal trainer told me where good for getting ride of my flabby tummy. Plus I will start the 30 day shred, and keep up the jogging.
I need to strength train more according to the trainer. So I will.  :-D

All this is also doable if I have to travel for work again. I just have to remember that my company has freezers and microwaves at each location. Then there is always a store close by so that I can buy salads and microwave veggie dishes. Chicken comes precooked in strips for salads, and I'm sure if I use this healthy microwave fish recipe I found in this one magazine I'll be more than fine. I just have to make sure that I take the microwave plate along with my cutlery when I pack. That way I have no excuses.
The exercises I can take along with me either as a print out on cards or DVD along with my laptop. For weights I can either take mine in a extra bag, resistance bands, or be smart and use water bottles. I always take exercise clothes and running shoes with me anyway, but now I have to remember to take my water bottle belt with me.

I think I have this all covered.

So now I will go and do some grocery shopping.

Friday, June 8, 2012

On the road again

Tomorrow I have to go to Heßdorf, 180 Km away from home. I'll be living in a hotel room again.
So today I bought: 2 Menu Salads. One is with Tuna the other is a Chicken Cesar salad. I also bought two "TV" Dinners. Asian Chicken and Chicken Fricassee. Both have rice and no wheat. Everything is low in salt too.

I baked a loaf of spelt bread to take with me, and I have butter, honey and low fat lunch meat for it. I have my soy milk in vanilla and natural flavors, plus my spelt waffle cakes. So I'm set until Monday. Then I have to go grocery shopping again.

Today is day 6 week 3 and so far I've done 5 workouts with today. I did a 2 hour walk this week, yoga, jogging, walking again, and a full body circuit. A total of (I think) 6 hours. Could be more though. The only thing I have to do better is the sweets. I really should cut down on those even more. Had candy or chocolate or cake/cookies 5 times this week. The days I really over did it on chocolate I had a wheat product. So that is a big one I'm cutting out completely!

Looking over my To Do list I'm proud that I have all but one thing checked off. And that's packing my suitcase.  Funny thing is I have everything together that I need for workouts on the road. *laughs* I seem to have my priorities straight.

Now I'm off to make dinner. I'm hungry!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kilos and Centimeters

I didn't lose a damn Kilo this week. Not even a few grams! I weigh the same as last week.

I lost a few centimeters though. 2 here and there 6 in the middle.

So what gives? Why did I lose Centimeters but not one freaking kilo?
Boy am I glad I track weight and measurements. Otherwise I would have been totally frustrated and down in the dumps.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Foodie Penpal for Mai 2012

Well my foodie Pen pal Parcel for March was a big surprise!
And of course I took pictures.

OK this is Picture #1, unopened, token fresh from the mail box. I cut it open and spilled to contents out on my couch

And this is what was inside. Loads of wheat free and Lactose free goodie!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

And the cutest Card was in it too. I'm going to put this up somewhere and some how. Just don't know how yet.

And now to what was inside in detail.
I've read about the Kale Chip that is just the bomb now days and I always did want to try some but they didn't come to Germany yet. And here I was pondering 1) what is kale in German, and 2) how do you make them yourself and 3) would they even taste good? 
Well my foodie pen pal this month sent me a container of these kale chips called cheesie purple corn, and they are dehydrated, not fried. I tried one or two chips already because I just can't curb my curiosity, and I have to say I understand the loving of them! They are just wonderful!! I love the taste and the crunch. 

Then there is a bag of dries Chile Chipotles. Oh yeah!! Love the spices! And these kind of Chilies are hard to find here. I will use them in my next crock pot roast! Thank you for those Pen pal!!

Next up is Tea from the London Tea Company. Oh the Flavors that are here now! I just love tea and since I've cut down on coffee so much it is my favorite go to pick me up. I have 8 different flavors ahead of me and I will savor each and every one!

My Pen pal sent me the weirdest Chinese "Candy" I've ever seen. It's a dried plum with some strange flavoring. I have to admit I tried one and I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's a strange taste, very healthy, and chewy. Will try a second one in a day or two and come back on that one.

I also received three "naked" bars. The wrapping says it's a 100% dried fruit and/or nut bar. Dairy and wheat free. They sound wonderful and delish, and I'll save them for later. To be honest they sound like the perfect power snack for my next long run or hike, so I'll eat one then and write about it.

Last but not least my pen pal sent me a small packet of raw Honey and a bottle of Jasmine Essence. I've never used something like that in my baking before so I'm curious to try it. I'll use it in my next batch of spelt flour cookies.

All in all this was a wonderful Foodie Pen pal parcel. I enjoyed it so much. And I just have to say thank you 1 million times over!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Running and Water

I used to run on a regular basis. But ever since my first official 10K I haven't hit the dirt roads or the pavement to do so.
So as part of my new found fitness and nutrition goals I printed out the C25K and C210K training plans and I'm starting today after work!
I work until 6pm today, then come home and rest make dinner then off on the road. Day 1 of Week one is Walk for 2 minutes then run for 1 minute repeat 6 times. This is from the C210K beginners plan. If I find out I'm more out of shape than I thought then I'm going to follow the C25K plan until I get better, then return to the C210K one.
Sounds reasonable.

As for the body parts I know need work, as in stomach, upper arms, inner thighs I need a good weight lifting or body weight routine to perk those up. And although I love my boobs they could be perkier if you ask me.
Yes I realize I'm 33 but I've seen women older than me topless sunning and they had great boobs, so why can't I? All they need is some TLC and muscle mass behind them.
So I need a good complete body workout. Thanks to I can find a ton of them for free online, as videos or print outs.
(I can't use to track my food, I'd have to add to many German foods to do so, and that's where kicks in.)
Tomorrow is grocery shopping day. After I get up tomorrow I'll be planning meals with my hubby and writing down all that we need for them. I have to remember to get the things for that flavored spa water I found on pinterest. I also thought up one of my own. Green Tea and Orange with Mint. I want to try that and if the watermelon isn't to expensive the watermelon and rosemary one. I'm also thinking I could use frozen berries instead of fresh ones. Just do the same as you would with the fresh ones, but I'd have to try that first. I think I still have some frozen berries too. Just need something to go with them. Lemons and Limes are always cheap, and fresh herbs are not that expensive until my garden gets up and growing. Now all I need are some big Weck Jars since we don't have mason jars.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spa Water

Oh I just found the best idea thanks to pinterest! Flavored Spa Water. So simple and easy too. Here is the link:

I want to make the rosemary and watermelon one on Tuesday. Monday is a Holiday here in Germany and the stores are all closed. I love my slightly fizzy water, and 0,19 cents for a 1,5 Liter bottle isn't bad but it does tend to get slightly boring drinking nothing but water all day. So the idea of these simple spa waters amaze and excite me. And I love watermelon, never thought to combine it with rosemary though.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day one/Week one with my own Food diary

Today is the first day in the first week that I'm using my self planned and drawn Food Diary.
I love it so far.
I took my Measurements
I weighed myself using the complete settings on my scale. As in Weight, Fat, Muscle and Water.
I noted my sleep and quality
My Water and Tea that I drank already.
And the Vitamins I take as a precaution.
Right at the beginning I wrote down the obstacles I'm facing this week. As in me still being sick with my bad cold and the Birthday Coffee and Cake I probably have to go to. It is after all a beloved relative. Miss a lot of those when I usually work so it would be better to go.
And I wrote down what I can do about it. Like eat only one piece of cake, watch the portions, stay in the lower calorie range, and drink only one or two glasses of Juice etc.

The best thing about a self drawn up food diary is if you don't want to track something anymore you don't have to. You can track something else for it instead.
Unfortunately I didn't find a bigger notebook to my liking so I'm making due with a small note booklet that is only 16 pages. Here in Germany we have the greatest checkered paper it makes writing and drawing things up easy. I'm using a size DIN A5 Lined 5 booklet. I want to buy a bigger and fatter notebook on Saturday that has something like 80 to 100 Pages of paper in it, and is also a size DIN A5. It is the perfect purse size and it's not to small that you can't write in it. This time I'll ignore the cover for I think I want to glue on of my motivational pictures to the front of it. Or maybe I'm lucky and I'll find one with what I call eye cancer as a cover. (Eye cancer is a term I use for something that is so colorful it kind of hurts the eyes a little.)
When I go to making up the inside pages I have to remember not to use the black roll ball Pens I have. They smear and you can see the lines threw to the other side. Doesn't look good what so ever. The orange pens I have are much better for that.

So now i'm off to find a quote for the day.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Having ideas and seeing the truth

I was in Lohfelden for 9 Days and 8 nights for the job and I found out a interesting truth about myself.

I'm a attention seeker. I missed my Hubby calling me beautiful and sexy and his dream babe every day. I missed the way he can't take his eyes off my booty, or his hands. I craved his attention and didn't get it during that time. I didn't feel whole at all.
I am a vain woman. But it's all OK as long as it's from my Hubby only that I want this kind of attention from.

I was looking for a new food journal. As much as I love the one I have from Lean Mode it is a trouble to carry around since it is so freaking big! And cause I'm not carrying it around with me every where I go I forget to track all my food. For by the time I get home I've forgotten a few things.
The Journals and diaries I've seen so for are only mildly satisfactory for me. It seems if I want to track all the things I want to track I need a total of 3 diaries. Two too many!!
So I came up with the idea of making my own. Size German DIN A5. (Pocketbook size BTW) All I need is the right sized notebook, a ruler, pencil and my list of what all I want to track. And it's a long list!
This is what I'd like to track on a daily basis:
   Amount, calories, fat, fiber is it healthy or not as in Junkfood sweets etc
    Green or other and amount
   what kind, how long, Heart rate, Distance
- Strength:
   Kilos used and reps, what exercise
   Before and after eating/meals
- Energy Levels
   Before/after Meals
   What, how much and sometimes why (as in caought cold Vit. C)
-Daily Totals

And I want room in it for different things like:
-Recipies I love/want to try
-room for diary entries and notes
-it should be easy to write in (spiral binding)
-I want a space not only for day and date but also what shift I have then
-Weekly goal/page previews
- Weekly review page with what can I do better
- Monthly measurement tracking
-weekly weigh ins
-Weightloss grid to see how i'm doing
-Place for motivational quotes that I like
- place for a symbol when the week was so good it should be/could be redone again

That is a lot to ask for in a food journal. But over the years I came to see that there is a lot more to losing weight than just the number of calories. The soul is also a big factor and so is sleep! I personaly need at least 7 hours to be able to resist all temtations.

So tomorrow i'm going to buy me a DIN A5 notebook and start my own journal.

Does anyone want to take a look at it when i'm done so that they can make one themselves too? I'll gladly scan it and show it off in the next post or two.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dieting on the road

Tomorrow I'm going to be at a different location for my job for 10 days. I'll be living in a hotel with no kitchen access. Although they do offer breakfast I will not use it for the typical breakfasts offered in hotels are a wheat and milk paradise. I'd rather take care of myself in that time.
So what should I take "on the road" with me?
Well I'm taking a loaf of spelt and rye bread with me. Not my self baked one but a bought and pre sliced loaf.
Apples, and a salad for the first day.
graved lachs
hard boiled eggs
Green and Rooibos tea
I bought a chicken and rice TV dinner. Looked at the labels and made sure no Lactose and not to much sugar.
Soy Milk
My Spelt cookies if I don't eat them all today
Dark chocolate with whole nuts in them. (always consider the sweet tooth)

Luckily I can heat up something at work to eat so I won't have to go to a fast food joint for a warm meal. There are mostly Burger Kings, McDonald's and Subways around the places I work. My home place has a McD's right in front of it.
A lot of grocery stores have TV dinners I can eat without any problems. I can get salad cups and soups for lunch. I could even get fresh sushi in some stores. I've been on the road before and never went hungry. I even lost weigh. The place I'm helping out is the size of two soccer fields. So I'll be doing a lot of walking on those 9 days. Plus I'm planning on taking my traveling workout stuff. Maybe get in a workout before bed.

Biggest minus point with being on the road is my hubby will be at home. No hubby for 10 days. *cry*

Wheat free and Milk free

It's hard to live a wheat free and Milk Product free life. There is wheat and milk in a lot of things! I have to read labels very carefully. If I eat things with to much Lactose in them I get awful tummy aches. If I eat things with wheat I gain 2 kilos in a few hours, feel bloated and have stomach acid problems and just feel sleepy and unfocused. Not very good. I want and need to be awake and alert when working and at home I want to be, for I don't want my hubby to feel left out or ignored just because I'm tired all the time.
But luckily I don't have to give up my occasional slice of bread, for I've found a Spelt bread baking mix. It's mostly grained spelt and just 6% Rye. I've made one and tried it and it tastes very good, and has no bad affects on me. Big plus! And at a cost of 79 cents for a kilo pack a very good deal since I can get two loaves of bread out of it at 750 g each.
On the down side I've tried some minus L Milk (lactose free) and it still gives me a bloated feeling. Although I have to admit it doesn't give me tummy aches or gas. But the taste is weird and I have to admit I like soy milk Lattes better. It was worth the try but I'd rather give out the 10 to 20 cents more and have something I really like then save them and make do with something.

I still have a occasional cup of coffee or Latte. And I'm happy about it. I really love my coffee and now I love it more since it's not a every day thing anymore. There are more days I drink none at all than days where I do.

Oh and I've just found out that one of my major seasonal problems are almost non existent. I have no hay fever problems so far. And by this time last year I was sneezing my nose off and my eyes were constantly itching. I've read the Type 0 have a over active immune system but I never realized that eating like this would actually cure hay fever.

I still screw up on occasion though. Cookies = wheat. I think that's why my weight hasn't gone down at all yet. But I do feel so much better! I get out of bed easier. And my energy is way up. I get things done better and quicker. I stay calmer. Oh and a really good thing is I stay full for longer and when I do start to get hungry I don't turn into a bitch if I have to wait a while for it's just not the right situation to eat yet. Happens mostly at the job I don't have breaks and eat when I can.

But for my inner cookie monster I'm still experimenting with self made spelt flour cookies. I tried to make lemon sugar cookies last night and they don't taste like lemon at all. But you can taste the vanilla. Guess I have to either use the lemon sugar I can buy from the baking section or use more lemon juice and peel.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Laziness and being accounhtable

Ever since I ran my first 10 K I have been lazy!! Not only in exercise but also in nutrition! I haven't counted calories, have only half hearted kept my food diary, only ate 20% of the time good and healthy and all in all haven't done a thing to reach any of my goals.
But that is going to end today!
It is getting warm and summer is almost here. And I remembered my promise to myself that this year I want to wear my pink animal print bikini to the pool.
So I'm sucking it up and getting down to business. Losing weight is a lot of work.
First I printed out a goal tracking sheet from Then I figured out at what weight I would love to weigh in at, subtracted that from my current weight and divided it up into equal amounts.
So as of now I'm concentrating on 5 kilos at a time for 5 weeks.

That makes goal #1 to weigh in at 109 kg by the 6th of June 2012.

So do able. And good that I have a date to reach it by. It keeps me on track. And I'm hoping to find some support here too. For all my girlfriends are at a healthy weight already and don't need to lose any at all. So I can't really go to them for advice on how to keep cravings at bay etc.
And my Mom in Law is no support, for she is jealous when I lose faster and keep it off, when she's slow and yoyoing up and down all the time.

So to keep myself going I will post on a weekly basis how I've been doing and if I'm at the rate I hope to be. I did the research, 5 Kilos in 5 Weeks is a positive and good goal.

Monday, April 30, 2012

my first recived foodie penpal

I recieved my first foodie penpal package a week or so agao and just had to talke picture of it. And of course my cat had to be in the middle of all the fun too. Guess he thought there would be something for hiom in it too.  ;-D

 When I took off the brown packaging this is what appeared. A beautiful reuseable shopping bag for my collection, a letter, and a wrapped box. I couldn't wait to unwrap it! And of course my cat once again.
In the wrapped box were so many goodies!! Spice tomatoe cookies, chocolate covered coffee beans, apricot kernels (never had those), fluff, pure yorkshire spring blossom honey, a coaster, beauty boost supplements, and a small retro cook book.

I've nibbled on the cookies and they are yummy! Looked and read threw the cook book and have decieded to give a few of the recipes a try, and read the letter. I've had so much fun with this!
I wanted to thank my penpal once more for these wonderful things!!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Wanting to lose weight is a lot of work. And i've found out for myself planning is 80% of it. I have to plan meals, workouts, times, and make sure I don't forget my hubby, cats and work along the way. I don't want to neglect anything/one.
My weekly food diary is a big help. I have one to plan my weekly meals and one for what I really ate. And the greatest part is keeping them gives me the possiblity of reeating what i've once planned, and it shows me where I went wrong if I gain weight.
I have the best ones in a trapper keeper, the ones that weren't good I put in the paper recycling. No need in keeping things that don't work.

Food wise i'm very good in planning and 50% good in sticking with it. It's getting better.
Workout wise i'm a total mess.
I plan and never fulfill.
Today i'm hoping to cure that. I bought a flow motion book for strength training. It looks wonderful, and I can do everything here at home. I have the dumbells and ball.
I found a weekly exercise diary. I want to do the same thing with my exercise as I do with my meals. Plan, make a appointment with it and stick to it. Dang it! I know I can do it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

foodie penpals

I'm working on my foodie penpal and slowly but surly have no idea what to put into it.
So tomorrow i'm going shopping in the "city", in the hopes of finding inspiration. I still have another 6,-€ that I can spend.
I'm going to put something self made in it. And I already bought three things that I think are perfect. Not I just have to figure out what else to do.
And I need a few pieces of nice writing paper, for i'm out!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Wow I haven't blogged in a while huh?

Well I haven't been up to much. I've been working out and working, and working, and working! Yes I work a lot but it is getting better. Thank goodness!

As of today, I went for a run in this beautiful german spring weather, did some cleaning and laundry. And what is best is i'm trying to join foodie penpals.
I love food and I love meeting new people. And I love the old fashioned art of letter writing. And with foodie penpals I have all three. Plus something to look forward to in the mail.  :-D
Want to check it out? Well if your from europe here is the place to look:

I'm hoping that I can start next month. But i'll have to see if it's possible. 

Next on my to do list is dig out my knitting again. Now I have more time so I can restart it up again. I have the dress I started still on the kneedles waiting for me to return to it. And i'm afraid by the time i'm done it'll be to big for me. But oh well it'll be ok. If it's to big i'll sell it. 

For now I'm prepping for the night shift tomorrow. I'm staying up and later i'll be looking at a few new recipes. Reading and cleaning. Tomorrow I want to cook something new. All I have to do is make sure it fits into my new eating lifestyle. 
But for now i'm gonna watch my criminal intent. :-D