Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day one/Week one with my own Food diary

Today is the first day in the first week that I'm using my self planned and drawn Food Diary.
I love it so far.
I took my Measurements
I weighed myself using the complete settings on my scale. As in Weight, Fat, Muscle and Water.
I noted my sleep and quality
My Water and Tea that I drank already.
And the Vitamins I take as a precaution.
Right at the beginning I wrote down the obstacles I'm facing this week. As in me still being sick with my bad cold and the Birthday Coffee and Cake I probably have to go to. It is after all a beloved relative. Miss a lot of those when I usually work so it would be better to go.
And I wrote down what I can do about it. Like eat only one piece of cake, watch the portions, stay in the lower calorie range, and drink only one or two glasses of Juice etc.

The best thing about a self drawn up food diary is if you don't want to track something anymore you don't have to. You can track something else for it instead.
Unfortunately I didn't find a bigger notebook to my liking so I'm making due with a small note booklet that is only 16 pages. Here in Germany we have the greatest checkered paper it makes writing and drawing things up easy. I'm using a size DIN A5 Lined 5 booklet. I want to buy a bigger and fatter notebook on Saturday that has something like 80 to 100 Pages of paper in it, and is also a size DIN A5. It is the perfect purse size and it's not to small that you can't write in it. This time I'll ignore the cover for I think I want to glue on of my motivational pictures to the front of it. Or maybe I'm lucky and I'll find one with what I call eye cancer as a cover. (Eye cancer is a term I use for something that is so colorful it kind of hurts the eyes a little.)
When I go to making up the inside pages I have to remember not to use the black roll ball Pens I have. They smear and you can see the lines threw to the other side. Doesn't look good what so ever. The orange pens I have are much better for that.

So now i'm off to find a quote for the day.

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