Monday, May 21, 2012

Having ideas and seeing the truth

I was in Lohfelden for 9 Days and 8 nights for the job and I found out a interesting truth about myself.

I'm a attention seeker. I missed my Hubby calling me beautiful and sexy and his dream babe every day. I missed the way he can't take his eyes off my booty, or his hands. I craved his attention and didn't get it during that time. I didn't feel whole at all.
I am a vain woman. But it's all OK as long as it's from my Hubby only that I want this kind of attention from.

I was looking for a new food journal. As much as I love the one I have from Lean Mode it is a trouble to carry around since it is so freaking big! And cause I'm not carrying it around with me every where I go I forget to track all my food. For by the time I get home I've forgotten a few things.
The Journals and diaries I've seen so for are only mildly satisfactory for me. It seems if I want to track all the things I want to track I need a total of 3 diaries. Two too many!!
So I came up with the idea of making my own. Size German DIN A5. (Pocketbook size BTW) All I need is the right sized notebook, a ruler, pencil and my list of what all I want to track. And it's a long list!
This is what I'd like to track on a daily basis:
   Amount, calories, fat, fiber is it healthy or not as in Junkfood sweets etc
    Green or other and amount
   what kind, how long, Heart rate, Distance
- Strength:
   Kilos used and reps, what exercise
   Before and after eating/meals
- Energy Levels
   Before/after Meals
   What, how much and sometimes why (as in caought cold Vit. C)
-Daily Totals

And I want room in it for different things like:
-Recipies I love/want to try
-room for diary entries and notes
-it should be easy to write in (spiral binding)
-I want a space not only for day and date but also what shift I have then
-Weekly goal/page previews
- Weekly review page with what can I do better
- Monthly measurement tracking
-weekly weigh ins
-Weightloss grid to see how i'm doing
-Place for motivational quotes that I like
- place for a symbol when the week was so good it should be/could be redone again

That is a lot to ask for in a food journal. But over the years I came to see that there is a lot more to losing weight than just the number of calories. The soul is also a big factor and so is sleep! I personaly need at least 7 hours to be able to resist all temtations.

So tomorrow i'm going to buy me a DIN A5 notebook and start my own journal.

Does anyone want to take a look at it when i'm done so that they can make one themselves too? I'll gladly scan it and show it off in the next post or two.

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