Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wheat free and Milk free

It's hard to live a wheat free and Milk Product free life. There is wheat and milk in a lot of things! I have to read labels very carefully. If I eat things with to much Lactose in them I get awful tummy aches. If I eat things with wheat I gain 2 kilos in a few hours, feel bloated and have stomach acid problems and just feel sleepy and unfocused. Not very good. I want and need to be awake and alert when working and at home I want to be, for I don't want my hubby to feel left out or ignored just because I'm tired all the time.
But luckily I don't have to give up my occasional slice of bread, for I've found a Spelt bread baking mix. It's mostly grained spelt and just 6% Rye. I've made one and tried it and it tastes very good, and has no bad affects on me. Big plus! And at a cost of 79 cents for a kilo pack a very good deal since I can get two loaves of bread out of it at 750 g each.
On the down side I've tried some minus L Milk (lactose free) and it still gives me a bloated feeling. Although I have to admit it doesn't give me tummy aches or gas. But the taste is weird and I have to admit I like soy milk Lattes better. It was worth the try but I'd rather give out the 10 to 20 cents more and have something I really like then save them and make do with something.

I still have a occasional cup of coffee or Latte. And I'm happy about it. I really love my coffee and now I love it more since it's not a every day thing anymore. There are more days I drink none at all than days where I do.

Oh and I've just found out that one of my major seasonal problems are almost non existent. I have no hay fever problems so far. And by this time last year I was sneezing my nose off and my eyes were constantly itching. I've read the Type 0 have a over active immune system but I never realized that eating like this would actually cure hay fever.

I still screw up on occasion though. Cookies = wheat. I think that's why my weight hasn't gone down at all yet. But I do feel so much better! I get out of bed easier. And my energy is way up. I get things done better and quicker. I stay calmer. Oh and a really good thing is I stay full for longer and when I do start to get hungry I don't turn into a bitch if I have to wait a while for it's just not the right situation to eat yet. Happens mostly at the job I don't have breaks and eat when I can.

But for my inner cookie monster I'm still experimenting with self made spelt flour cookies. I tried to make lemon sugar cookies last night and they don't taste like lemon at all. But you can taste the vanilla. Guess I have to either use the lemon sugar I can buy from the baking section or use more lemon juice and peel.

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