Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dieting on the road

Tomorrow I'm going to be at a different location for my job for 10 days. I'll be living in a hotel with no kitchen access. Although they do offer breakfast I will not use it for the typical breakfasts offered in hotels are a wheat and milk paradise. I'd rather take care of myself in that time.
So what should I take "on the road" with me?
Well I'm taking a loaf of spelt and rye bread with me. Not my self baked one but a bought and pre sliced loaf.
Apples, and a salad for the first day.
graved lachs
hard boiled eggs
Green and Rooibos tea
I bought a chicken and rice TV dinner. Looked at the labels and made sure no Lactose and not to much sugar.
Soy Milk
My Spelt cookies if I don't eat them all today
Dark chocolate with whole nuts in them. (always consider the sweet tooth)

Luckily I can heat up something at work to eat so I won't have to go to a fast food joint for a warm meal. There are mostly Burger Kings, McDonald's and Subways around the places I work. My home place has a McD's right in front of it.
A lot of grocery stores have TV dinners I can eat without any problems. I can get salad cups and soups for lunch. I could even get fresh sushi in some stores. I've been on the road before and never went hungry. I even lost weigh. The place I'm helping out is the size of two soccer fields. So I'll be doing a lot of walking on those 9 days. Plus I'm planning on taking my traveling workout stuff. Maybe get in a workout before bed.

Biggest minus point with being on the road is my hubby will be at home. No hubby for 10 days. *cry*

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