Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Laziness and being accounhtable

Ever since I ran my first 10 K I have been lazy!! Not only in exercise but also in nutrition! I haven't counted calories, have only half hearted kept my food diary, only ate 20% of the time good and healthy and all in all haven't done a thing to reach any of my goals.
But that is going to end today!
It is getting warm and summer is almost here. And I remembered my promise to myself that this year I want to wear my pink animal print bikini to the pool.
So I'm sucking it up and getting down to business. Losing weight is a lot of work.
First I printed out a goal tracking sheet from Then I figured out at what weight I would love to weigh in at, subtracted that from my current weight and divided it up into equal amounts.
So as of now I'm concentrating on 5 kilos at a time for 5 weeks.

That makes goal #1 to weigh in at 109 kg by the 6th of June 2012.

So do able. And good that I have a date to reach it by. It keeps me on track. And I'm hoping to find some support here too. For all my girlfriends are at a healthy weight already and don't need to lose any at all. So I can't really go to them for advice on how to keep cravings at bay etc.
And my Mom in Law is no support, for she is jealous when I lose faster and keep it off, when she's slow and yoyoing up and down all the time.

So to keep myself going I will post on a weekly basis how I've been doing and if I'm at the rate I hope to be. I did the research, 5 Kilos in 5 Weeks is a positive and good goal.

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