Monday, April 30, 2012

my first recived foodie penpal

I recieved my first foodie penpal package a week or so agao and just had to talke picture of it. And of course my cat had to be in the middle of all the fun too. Guess he thought there would be something for hiom in it too.  ;-D

 When I took off the brown packaging this is what appeared. A beautiful reuseable shopping bag for my collection, a letter, and a wrapped box. I couldn't wait to unwrap it! And of course my cat once again.
In the wrapped box were so many goodies!! Spice tomatoe cookies, chocolate covered coffee beans, apricot kernels (never had those), fluff, pure yorkshire spring blossom honey, a coaster, beauty boost supplements, and a small retro cook book.

I've nibbled on the cookies and they are yummy! Looked and read threw the cook book and have decieded to give a few of the recipes a try, and read the letter. I've had so much fun with this!
I wanted to thank my penpal once more for these wonderful things!!

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  1. Oh wow, what a great parcel for your introduction to Foodie Penpals! And it arrived safely all the way from the UK, too! I'm really pleased :)