Monday, July 30, 2012

Foodie Penpal for July

This month I won't write about my Foodie Pen pal. Although it was a lovely parcel with a load of yummy goodies. Thank you so much!!

But this month I had a load of problems with my foodie pen pal parcel!
I put it together with a lot of consideration and love for food. And the mail screwed it up. Twice!!

First it came back to me because they couldn't read the address. Considering that it had a big black smear across the front it doesn't surprise me. So I repacked it with care and sent it off again.
This morning I check the stats and it hasn't left the post office that I brought it to!
So after I saw that I went there and asked WTH?! They looked around their office, and couldn't find it. It seems to have disappeared. They are conducting a search for it and if it doesn't get found I'll get a refund for the postage and what the inside was worth but man I am so ticked!! It is the first time this has ever happened to me! Now it might take up to two weeks before it might be found.
I feel awful that my foodie pen pal hasn't received her goodies!
So to make it up to her I will send her a new one this month AND my foodie pen pal this month too.

I hope this never happens again. But I am thankful for parcel tracking.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My shift times kind of suck

2 weeks ago my shift times at work changed thanks to a new law here in Germany.
My shift times now are 9:30 am to 7 pm for morning shift
7pm till 4 am for night shifts
and 8 m till 4 pm for the in between shifts.

Figuring out when to exercise is a challenge for me to be honest. I never now how the shift will be. I have mostly the morning shift. My hubby works all day to. He comes home at 6pm. Of course I want to spend as much time as possible with him. And I have a home to clean, and yes hubby helps to, and cats that need some attention.
So today I sat down and looked at what I can do.

So far I figured out this:

Tomorrow I will get up @ 5 am
go out for a jog by 5:30 am
come back by 6 am, strength by 6:30am
then stretch and shower, wake hubby up my 7:20 am.

Then I still have time until 9 am, then I have to get ready and go to work. Have to be there by 9:30 and open up by 10 am.
I'll be working until 7pm and I'll be home by 7:15 pm.
Then cooking and some cleaning and time with hubby and cats.

If at work I notice that it was too much I'll have to sit down and figure out something new.

Monday, July 9, 2012


I'm on day 6 from the 30 day shred, after I had to restart due to a slight injury after I did 4 days the last time. According to a few people that did the shred they started to see results after this time.
I do not.

I have to remember that in losing weight there is no quick fix solutions, no magic pills and no way around hard work and dedication. Yes there are days where I am very discouraged. Those are the days I have to remember where and why I started and the reasons why I want to keep going.

I want to feel good about myself and not ashamed to run/walk around in a skimpy bikini.
I want to run and NOT feel my hanging belly slap against myself. Geez that is embarrassing I can tell you. And yes it has gotten a while lot better.
I want to wear the cute clothes I see where the largest size is a German 42 woman's. (Around a size 10 US size I think)
I want my hubby to be proud of me. Although I have to admit he is very proud of me already.

And the biggest reason I want to lose this weight is for a baby. I can't get pregnant if I weight to much. That has been proven to me twice already. The first time when I hit 112 kilos the second time when I hit 110 kilos. They both ended tragic but that will not stop me from trying again!

So today I recommit myself to this. I will do my shred twice today to make up for the missed day yesterday and from then on I will dedicate myself to finishing this strong.

I know I can do it. The only thing that can stop me is me after all.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Foodie Penpal for June

I'm a little late posting this Blog about my foodie penpal for June. I had to go to a diffrent location for work without a advanced notice. 
So this is my June package. I am always eceited to get a penpal. And this time my penpal was Carol Anne. This is what it looked like when it came in the mail.

And this is it after it was unwrapped. I loved the cupcake theme wrapping paper.
 When I opened it I was like: what the heck! Cause I had what looked like oatmeal flakes in the box that fell to the carpet. I thought something she sent broke. But nothing was damaged. It was from the Cranachan Marshmellows. They are in the box in this picture.
I tried one right away and that was the death of them. They are so delishous I couldn't stop. I gave my hubby a bite and that was all he got. The rest were mine! And I enjoyed each and every chewy gooey morsel.
I also recieved a candy called Rock. Really really sweet. 
The yo yos were so good! The peach flavour really came out on those. I haven't tried the Bounce energy ball yet. ut I will soon. Doing the shred takes the energy right out of you.
I ate all the oatcakes. What I liked about them is that they were not sweet at all. 
And then those beautiful baking cases and glitter. I'm waiting for a special occasion to use those. 

This was my june foodie penpal. I loved it! And can't wait till Julys