Monday, July 2, 2012

Foodie Penpal for June

I'm a little late posting this Blog about my foodie penpal for June. I had to go to a diffrent location for work without a advanced notice. 
So this is my June package. I am always eceited to get a penpal. And this time my penpal was Carol Anne. This is what it looked like when it came in the mail.

And this is it after it was unwrapped. I loved the cupcake theme wrapping paper.
 When I opened it I was like: what the heck! Cause I had what looked like oatmeal flakes in the box that fell to the carpet. I thought something she sent broke. But nothing was damaged. It was from the Cranachan Marshmellows. They are in the box in this picture.
I tried one right away and that was the death of them. They are so delishous I couldn't stop. I gave my hubby a bite and that was all he got. The rest were mine! And I enjoyed each and every chewy gooey morsel.
I also recieved a candy called Rock. Really really sweet. 
The yo yos were so good! The peach flavour really came out on those. I haven't tried the Bounce energy ball yet. ut I will soon. Doing the shred takes the energy right out of you.
I ate all the oatcakes. What I liked about them is that they were not sweet at all. 
And then those beautiful baking cases and glitter. I'm waiting for a special occasion to use those. 

This was my june foodie penpal. I loved it! And can't wait till Julys


  1. I'm so glad you liked it! How funny about the oats geting everywhere, I'm sorry I made a mess of your carpet ;)

  2. No problem. I have this magical thing called vaccum cleaner. It sucks up that kind of thing in a matter of seconds. LOL ;-)