Monday, July 30, 2012

Foodie Penpal for July

This month I won't write about my Foodie Pen pal. Although it was a lovely parcel with a load of yummy goodies. Thank you so much!!

But this month I had a load of problems with my foodie pen pal parcel!
I put it together with a lot of consideration and love for food. And the mail screwed it up. Twice!!

First it came back to me because they couldn't read the address. Considering that it had a big black smear across the front it doesn't surprise me. So I repacked it with care and sent it off again.
This morning I check the stats and it hasn't left the post office that I brought it to!
So after I saw that I went there and asked WTH?! They looked around their office, and couldn't find it. It seems to have disappeared. They are conducting a search for it and if it doesn't get found I'll get a refund for the postage and what the inside was worth but man I am so ticked!! It is the first time this has ever happened to me! Now it might take up to two weeks before it might be found.
I feel awful that my foodie pen pal hasn't received her goodies!
So to make it up to her I will send her a new one this month AND my foodie pen pal this month too.

I hope this never happens again. But I am thankful for parcel tracking.

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  1. This is a real shame, these things happen but how frustrating! At least you are on it.

    I hope you find time to post a few pictures of the parcel you got, I just love seeing what everyone received!