Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Foodie Penpal for Mai 2012

Well my foodie Pen pal Parcel for March was a big surprise!
And of course I took pictures.

OK this is Picture #1, unopened, token fresh from the mail box. I cut it open and spilled to contents out on my couch

And this is what was inside. Loads of wheat free and Lactose free goodie!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

And the cutest Card was in it too. I'm going to put this up somewhere and some how. Just don't know how yet.

And now to what was inside in detail.
I've read about the Kale Chip that is just the bomb now days and I always did want to try some but they didn't come to Germany yet. And here I was pondering 1) what is kale in German, and 2) how do you make them yourself and 3) would they even taste good? 
Well my foodie pen pal this month sent me a container of these kale chips called cheesie purple corn, and they are dehydrated, not fried. I tried one or two chips already because I just can't curb my curiosity, and I have to say I understand the loving of them! They are just wonderful!! I love the taste and the crunch. 

Then there is a bag of dries Chile Chipotles. Oh yeah!! Love the spices! And these kind of Chilies are hard to find here. I will use them in my next crock pot roast! Thank you for those Pen pal!!

Next up is Tea from the London Tea Company. Oh the Flavors that are here now! I just love tea and since I've cut down on coffee so much it is my favorite go to pick me up. I have 8 different flavors ahead of me and I will savor each and every one!

My Pen pal sent me the weirdest Chinese "Candy" I've ever seen. It's a dried plum with some strange flavoring. I have to admit I tried one and I'm not sure if I like it or not. It's a strange taste, very healthy, and chewy. Will try a second one in a day or two and come back on that one.

I also received three "naked" bars. The wrapping says it's a 100% dried fruit and/or nut bar. Dairy and wheat free. They sound wonderful and delish, and I'll save them for later. To be honest they sound like the perfect power snack for my next long run or hike, so I'll eat one then and write about it.

Last but not least my pen pal sent me a small packet of raw Honey and a bottle of Jasmine Essence. I've never used something like that in my baking before so I'm curious to try it. I'll use it in my next batch of spelt flour cookies.

All in all this was a wonderful Foodie Pen pal parcel. I enjoyed it so much. And I just have to say thank you 1 million times over!


  1. So glad you were pleased with everything! Please let me know how you like the Naked bars, I personally love them so hopefully you will too. I know what you mean about the Chinese sweets, sweet but also kind of sour-definitely a grower!

  2. What a great parcel, and a lovely post! The way you describe everything makes it seem even more delicious. You got a great selection this month, I especially like all the different kinds of tea :)