Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kilos and Centimeters

I didn't lose a damn Kilo this week. Not even a few grams! I weigh the same as last week.

I lost a few centimeters though. 2 here and there 6 in the middle.

So what gives? Why did I lose Centimeters but not one freaking kilo?
Boy am I glad I track weight and measurements. Otherwise I would have been totally frustrated and down in the dumps.


  1. Hi, came across your site through Foodie Penpals. Are you exercising? Cos if you are, your body is developing muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. So, while you may have lost in measurements, your weight may not show this and sometimes, may even go up slightly to reflect the increase in muscle mass. Hope that helps!

    1. Yeah I know, but dang it it still sucks!