Friday, June 8, 2012

On the road again

Tomorrow I have to go to Heßdorf, 180 Km away from home. I'll be living in a hotel room again.
So today I bought: 2 Menu Salads. One is with Tuna the other is a Chicken Cesar salad. I also bought two "TV" Dinners. Asian Chicken and Chicken Fricassee. Both have rice and no wheat. Everything is low in salt too.

I baked a loaf of spelt bread to take with me, and I have butter, honey and low fat lunch meat for it. I have my soy milk in vanilla and natural flavors, plus my spelt waffle cakes. So I'm set until Monday. Then I have to go grocery shopping again.

Today is day 6 week 3 and so far I've done 5 workouts with today. I did a 2 hour walk this week, yoga, jogging, walking again, and a full body circuit. A total of (I think) 6 hours. Could be more though. The only thing I have to do better is the sweets. I really should cut down on those even more. Had candy or chocolate or cake/cookies 5 times this week. The days I really over did it on chocolate I had a wheat product. So that is a big one I'm cutting out completely!

Looking over my To Do list I'm proud that I have all but one thing checked off. And that's packing my suitcase.  Funny thing is I have everything together that I need for workouts on the road. *laughs* I seem to have my priorities straight.

Now I'm off to make dinner. I'm hungry!

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