Thursday, June 14, 2012

My anti flabby tummy diet

OK first off this isn't a diet it's a change in my way of eating for the better. A so called lifestyle change. And it's a healthy one, made up from things that have worked out in the past for me and some of the newest medical discoveries. I do my research.   ;-)

So the food guidelines for me are:

6+ Portions of Veggies daily. 1 Portion = 1 Handful
2 Portions of Fruit daily. 1 Portion = 1 Fruit or 1 Handful
Breads, cereals etc only once daily and when at breakfast and then make sure there is no wheat in it. Wheat causes a "beer" belly. You can read up on this in a lot of diet and medical magazines.
Cake, cookies or donuts only on Sundays! Then only a small piece, 2 cookies or 1 donut only.
Eat lean proteins, Fish, chicken, beef, lamb, and pork in that order. Eggs belong to category chicken.

I will allow myself one cheat meal in a week if I remember to have one and if I do it will be a very small one.

If I crave sweets I will eat dried fruit instead. Dried pineapple is very sweet and I only needed 3 pieces to curb the craving.

As for the exercise guidelines:

I will do the exercises a personal trainer told me where good for getting ride of my flabby tummy. Plus I will start the 30 day shred, and keep up the jogging.
I need to strength train more according to the trainer. So I will.  :-D

All this is also doable if I have to travel for work again. I just have to remember that my company has freezers and microwaves at each location. Then there is always a store close by so that I can buy salads and microwave veggie dishes. Chicken comes precooked in strips for salads, and I'm sure if I use this healthy microwave fish recipe I found in this one magazine I'll be more than fine. I just have to make sure that I take the microwave plate along with my cutlery when I pack. That way I have no excuses.
The exercises I can take along with me either as a print out on cards or DVD along with my laptop. For weights I can either take mine in a extra bag, resistance bands, or be smart and use water bottles. I always take exercise clothes and running shoes with me anyway, but now I have to remember to take my water bottle belt with me.

I think I have this all covered.

So now I will go and do some grocery shopping.

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