Monday, March 7, 2011

What i'm up to

So lately I've been looking into the nutrition and meals of the 50's. There are a lot of good blogs out there that have the same topic. Some info that I have is from these blogs but not all.
And now I'm doing a experiment called: Diet like it's 1950.
Want to read about the beginning? Then go here for I will not re post all that info.

So far I've researched portion sizes, and how many meals they ate. Guess now would be the time to research the nutrition facts and food pyramid of that time.
Today is the beginning of portioning out the food like it was 1950 according to the info I've found in one of my German cookbooks from that time frame. I'll also try out a few recipes. But I'll probably use a lot less fat and lard that they used. And boy did they use a lot. And of course I'll use a lot more spices that what they had. Seems like the only things they had were broth, salt and pepper.

Later on today I want to start one of three or four projects. Either I will sew a dress, crochet potholders, or a towel topper or slippers from patterns from the 50's.

But first I have meal planning to do and grocery shopping.

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