Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is me

So i've finally uploaded the pictures of me from my hubbys phone. I think I look really good. I exspecially love the booty. It is getting better looking.

I think i'm getting the longed for heart shape. 

And just to show myself a little this is the before picture of me when I started the apple shape work out. 

Yes I look frumpy and unkept but give me a break I was about to go work out when we took this picture. Usually I look kind of like this: 

I think I look alot better in everyday clothes. 

But looking at these pics I can see a load of great changes, but I also see where I need to keep working on myself. Today was a good day today so far. I had a sexy breakfast consisting of a toaster Brötchen, one egg a little shredded cheese and a giant tomatoe. Lunch was a whole cucumber and a three corn Brötchen with a slice of light cheese and some vinagrette. It was yummy! And for dinner I planned risotto with zucchini and mushrooms and a chickenbreast and as dessert a fruit lassi. Made with green tea, natural almost fat free yogurt and some fruit spread. It sounds yummy. I've never made one before. 

At 3p.m. today my hubby is going to his buddies and i'm off to get my hair done and grocery shopping. I hope the hair cut I chose will look good on me. Will post picture if I remember to make one. 

Right now i'm reading the book adventure of diet girl. The book well written and funny and heart wretching. And it shows me how good i've had it. So far all my fat is self inflicted. Yes I do bitch that it will be a lot of work to get ride of it and I know I don't do everything right all the time but if I do all I can I will lose it again. And until then I might as well enjoy the journey. So I will. 

Now off to get my hair done. 

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