Friday, March 25, 2011

The weight I want to lose

I have a big screen TV in my livingroom now and I have to admit it is a living nightmare for me in the morning. I don't usually turn it on so there is this black screen in front of me that acts like a mirror.
Oh the horrors.
I can see every buldge that is still to much on my frame. Yes I have lost 35 Kilos so far but I still have about 20-25 kilos more to go. What a chunk of work in front of me.

Luckly I am a beautiful woman with elbow long blond hair, and a husband that adores me. But still if I want to stay healthy and sexy my entire life I have to do all the work I need to do to lose this fat.


And it is not as easy as it used to be anymore. The first 35 were truly a breez. But now with the muscle gain that is truly going on it is harder. I have no idea if a weight gain is due to muscle or just my eating. I mean I can actually see where I gained muscle mass. And can you believe it, it is on my BUTT! Yes my booty is getting bigger.  My hubby says it is getting a sexyer shape and all but come on bigger?! And since my waist got smaller on the sides it seems my tummy grew out. To me my proportions do not fit anymore.
And yet other men are noticing me? WTF? Am I just weird?
I need to upload that before pic from my hubbys phone. Maybe if I see pics of myself I can understand what other people are seeing. And mybe I should get myself a full sized mirror. It seems I don't see something right just looking at my black TV screen.

On a lighter note. I'm on my vacation for the next week. That means I can do all the fun stuff I've listed for myself. But today is the one and only work day. I have spring cleaning to do and my Mom in Law wants a visit from us. We haven't been there for a week now. And I want to do some grocery shopping. My hubby wants chicken cheese toast burgers tonight. (Ugh if I want one of those i'll have to work out for almost 10 hours. Outch huh?)

Well ok i'm off to get more coffee then do some cleaning. First things first is dust off my altar and get it set up for spring.

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