Thursday, March 10, 2011

50's dress and blous

Oh I love sewing. I even went into apprenticeship to learn it properly here in Germany. Unfortunately sewing is a dead job, so instead of working in a field I love I'm working in a spielothek. The equivalence of a casino. But I still sew for my pleasure if I find the time.
Right now I'm finding the time. I have a 50's blouse and dress I want to make myself. The blouse pattern I have to enlarge a bit. But I think it will work out nicely. My bust is 124 cm and the pattern is only 88cm. Here is a picture of it in the original 50's magazine.

The dress I don't have to enlarge much, but still a little just to make sure. Here is a picture of the sketch

As soon as both projects are done I'll be posting picture. I'll be working on one of the two more tomorrow. First thins I'll be doing is making practice pieces out of the cheaper material.

The first dress I cut out of practice material is still sitting there the way it was when I first blogged about it. It is mocking me. I still haven't figured out how to close the arms. I wonder who I could ask about it? Well as soon as i've found someone i'll tell about it. Or maybe i'll have a spark of inspiration and figure it out myself. 

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