Monday, March 28, 2011

I think I did a lot today.

Looking back on my day today I think I did a lot.
I walked to the bakerey and back that took me around 45 minutes. I cleaned up the fitness room/office and brought all the boxes of unneeded stuff up to the attic. I finished my bedroom and the new closet system. Went to see my mom in law, and went grocery shopping with her. I made two different dinners and then went swimming for a hour and 20 minutes. Then I came home and did the dishes. Oh and in between I did a load of laundry.
Now i'm sitting here in my livingroom relaxing. I just had my desert coffee and the TV is running but there isn't much on that's interesting.
Looking over my self made nutrition & fitness notebook I realise I had a whole day of clean eating too. Except for the caramel coffee mate in my coffee just now. Wow I knew I could do it but without really realising it just surprises me.

Now what will I do tomorrow? Maybe first things first and plan my work out. The apple shape work out month one to three. That will give me sore muscles. If swimming today doesn't give me sore muscles tomorrow.  And some wandering. Yeah that sounds really good. If it's a beautiful day a 10 kilometer wander route. And since I always have my cell with me as a saftey precaution I always have a camara with me too, so maybe i'll be able to make a few great pictures for my blog.

So now off to realax with my newest book. The adventures of diet girl.

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