Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Work out plans

Oh geez I forgot to write about the H&F Work out Plan that I am following.

I'm a apple/hourglass shaped woman. That means I have a lot of jelly belly, but also all the curves in all the right places. And I want to look fabulous. So I found this H&F work out in the magazine for apples and hourglasses and i'm following those. It's a 3 month work out with the possibility of lengthening it out to almost a year. After all if you follow this for three months you get fitter, so you go from the beginner work out to the next stage and so on. I took before pictures but they are on my hubbys cell and I have no idea where it is right now so I can't post the pics. But I will keep updates on how i'm doing and every month i'll take a new picture so that maybe I can see the results myslef. I have a horrid time telling if I lost inches or not.

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