Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My pie, new Plates, and the curse of the dress

Well the apple pie I made today looks beautiful! Here is a picture:


Isn't it pretty? It will be absolutely lovely for coffee tomorrow at mom in laws. 

I also wanted to show off some vintage fondue plates. I think they are really cute and I love the color.

I'm going to use them as dinner plates. The larger area is for veggies, the middle one for meat and poultry and the left and right upper areas is where the starchy things will come. You know rice, bread, potatoes etc.

As for the dress I'm sewing from 1953, it is a bit*h cursed I think. I just can't figure out how in the world it is supposed to be sew together in one place. Unfortunately the instructions for the thing got lost a long time ago. As in before I bought the magazine that it was in. So I will just have to figure it out. Glad I cut out the dress in practice material first. As soon as I've figured it out I will post a picture of the finished dress. So keep your fingers crossed for me that it will work out.

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