Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My poor Hubby is sick

Ah yes the troubles of life. My Hubby is sick. He has the same thing I had last week. I was written up sick from my Job and stayed home for a little over a week. Now my poor sugar has the bad cough and sleeping problems from it. I feel so good now that I'm reconsidering taking my vacation at the end of this month. Just push it off until my other co-worker is back. She's pregnant and sick too so she has to be 100% cured before she's allowed back.
So now back to the 50's diet that I'm experimenting in.
It will be a little trickier tomorrow. Since i'm going back to work and there is all kinds of sweets and snacks around. But I'll get a hang of it.
This morning I did not have a typical 50's breakfast. I had a papaya that would have gone bad if it wasn't eaten today, and since there is no snacking inbetween meals I wouldn't know when to eat it otherwise. So for breakfast I had a whole papaya and a Bauer Muesli yogurt. And of course my beloved coffee.
Tomorrow I'll be having oatmeal. But i'll be taking it to work with me. It's kind of hard to eat something at 4:50a.m.
My project for today is the original 1950's dress pattern. I have a few original dress patterns from german magazines from that time. They are all winter dresses though. So for spring/summer I'll have to get a few more.  I have a few spring sommer blouses from that time though. So if I can't get anything dress wise from that time I guess I could just combine a blouse and skirt.
Other than the sewing project I want to bake a apple pie. But first I have to check out a few stores and see if I can find something equivalent to a pie plate here in germany. Pies are just not know here. That's why I want to make one. I want to take it to my mom in laws for coffee time. I keep telling her how delish apple pies are and now I want to prove it to her.
So for now i'll be off to do some shopping.

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