Thursday, March 24, 2011

my vacation week is coming up

My Vacation starts tomorrow. And I am so happy that I have it too! I think slowly I really need one.
On my vacation I plan to do the following:
-do my work outs
- do my running training
-go to "der Welle" here in Lauterbach
- hiking
-maybe buy and ride a bike

and much much more.

On a other note. My favorite discounter grocery store Lidl had runners gear on sale today. Man was I glad that I was in that store so early today. People tend to be greedy when it comes to good deals. I mean where else can you get excellent running shoes for 12,99€? Or a running shirt for 5.99€? I bought both today and I would have bought myself running tights/pants but I already have those and why buy more than what I need.
But I think I should get myself some running socks. It's true you can get blisters from the wrong socks.

Here is a pic from my new running shoes:

And here is the runners shirt. I wanted one in pink but it's still one size to small so it will have to wait a little longer. But this blue is pretty to when you see it:

It's a mens shirt, since i'm still a XL I usually have to get mens gear in the discounter store. The ladys things only go to a L and the shoes are always to small. I have a size 42 after all! But then again from the discription the mens shoes seem to be a lot better so I won't bicker. 

So one more Late Shift then it's vacation time! Have to remember to take pictures.

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