Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Goals

This morning I've been planning new goals and how to reward myself for them.
I'm an unusual woman that looks for workout plans for men. I think that a woman should train like a man, after all we do not have enough testosterone to get the bulging muscles, but the men's training plans get results! That is what I'm looking for.
I am tired of the baby weight.
I am tired of being tired, and without energy.
I miss my workouts.
I really, really need some time for myself and myself only. This is the best and effective way to get it.

So starting March 3rd until March 30th I've put up a goal plan with reward system. I will pin it up on my motivation board in the kitchen. The only room where I will be seeing it daily. Every day after I have followed the workout for that day I will either check it off on the list or glue a star next to it. The weekly rewards are also written on the list so that I have extra motivation to complete things. My first reward is a Disney workout top that I've seen on pinterest. I think they are perfect!

At the end of the month if I have completed all workouts my hubby will get me a reward AND I will reward myself. Hey I need all the motivation I can get!
I also signed up my mom in law to help by babysitting on the days I go wandering and swimming.

I will also write regular blogs about how it's going here and I should reinstall twitter onto my phone and twitter about my workouts. Keeping all this a bit public will help me stay accountable. I think it would be slightly embarrassing writing about all these great plans then not following through.
On and I will look and see if I can post about it on sparks. I'm on that site often too.

So here's to a great March!!

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