Thursday, February 20, 2014

busy, busy

The perils of dieting.

I'm getting ride of the baby fat, and boy is it hard! I made something for my foodie penpal and every time I went into or threw the kitchen I was so tempted!! The must yummy smells! I am so very glad that all is now packed away and ready to be sent off today. My hubby will take it to the mail for me when he goes to visit a freind. I'm in no mood or health to deal with going myslef. I have a terrible migrane headache.

Today I will take it easy as far as possible. I will take care of my little one, do some cooking, and maybe some knitting or crocheting. I have a few projects I want to start. I found a few adorable toys that I want to make. And there is a tshirt that I want to do for a girlfreind. It's her birthday soon. I have a parcel I want to finish up for my mom and sis in the states. Oh and some sewing I want to do.
Then there are freinds that want to be visited, and trails that are begging to be walked, couple time, and family get togethers to be planned. I am never bored.

Today I will be trying a few new recipes. Broccoli mousse on a salad bed, and crunchy veggie lasagne. Both easy and cheap to make, your in the kitchen no longer than 15 minutes for prep work, and dinner is ready in 30 minutes. I hope they both taste good. If they do they are going in my make more often list.

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