Saturday, February 15, 2014


Ahh the joys and frustrations of dieting.
Yes you read that right there are joys. New recipes, new clothes, lost weight, friend's compliments.
But it is the frustrations that keep you from being successful! Mine is not getting enough sleep! It is very hard to do that with a teething baby I can tell you! I have to remind myself time and time again that I don't need sweets I need sleep!!
It is slowly working but I am far from perfect.
As a help I am using a Weight Watchers program from 1996. That was when I first joined WW. I have all my paperwork from back then still so all I had to do was dig them out. I've put myself on this "diet" and so far it is working really well.

Tomorrow I have my baking and making day! I'm making nutella smarties cookies and self made hot chocolate on a spoon. I hope my foodie pen pal will love what I send her. It's not all that I'm sending, just a very small portion of a idea I had. Since it is February my FPP Theme is Valentine's day. All hearts and love.
March will be Luck of the Irish, because of St. Patrick's day. All greens and clovers and luck- I have ideas until July. That's when I stopped planning boxes to ship. Think I had enough planning in advance that I can shop for things here and there without problems.

Hubby and I wanted to go out with friends tonight, but they all canceled. So instead we are staying in and still bringing our little one to the babysitter. Instead of going out I'll take a long wanted bath, then movie night with popcorn!! Sleep in until I wake up on my own, and making and baking till the afternoon. Then I'll pick up my little girl with energy again.

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