Saturday, March 1, 2014

Foodie PenPal Febuary 2014

Sorry I'm late blogging this. I didn't get it until yesterday. Mail was a little slow.

I was excited when I came home late yesterday and it was sitting in front of my apartment door. One of two parcels, the other one was my repaired tablet, another story.

Opening up the parcel I was greeted by a note and fire kindling. LOL. After that was taken out I was greeted by. . .
Jamie Oliver!  :-D        And a few other goodies! My foodie PenPal sent me a whole lot of different flavours and textures to try,I had the fire cracker and Proper Corn this afternoon. Both where extremely delicious although I have to admit when I read Worcester Sauce and sun dried tomato I thought "ick!", but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Next I want to try the Jamie Oliver stuffing inside of chicken.The malteaser bunnies will be saved for a while later. The rest will be tried by and by. I think on the next rainy day I'll have a soup. 

It was a wonderful Parcel for rejoining the foodie penpals, and I really enjoyed what I've been given. Thank you very much!!

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