Monday, March 31, 2014

Foodie Penpal and a sick baby

My baby has been sick for over a week now. Nothing bad, just a common cold, but she's to young to drink the apple vinegar, honey and lemon anti cold remedy. So she get's other helpful things done to her to help her get better faster, like chamomile steam, and Anis butter.
My foodie penpal sent me a wonderful organic honey from Belgium this month, and I'm using it in the anti cold remedy mentioned above, and in the weight loss remedy. It tastes wonderful!
She also sent me a St. Bieber. I thought I read her note wrong for Bieber translates to biever, a furry wood eating creature, but I was so so wrong. It was a spice cake simular to Lebkuchen here in germany but not as dark, with Marzipan in the middle.
Then there was 3 small bunting cakes with green mate as a key ingredient. Unusuall taste. Not queit mine, but I loved trying something new.
 Since she sent me a lot of sweet things and I can't have a lot of sugar I gave my hubby a chocolate bunny and a Ragusa blond candy. I kept the bunny in the hot pink wrapper, for although I didn't mention it it is my favorite color. :-)
The honey nuts will have to wait for better days, but the miso soup is today's lunch. I have a bad cold too thanks to my poor sick baby. We'll get over our cold soon.

Can't wait for the next foodie penpal. Next month is easter month and I want to send mine a easter basket.

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