Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A life Style book for me

This morning I pulled out the life style book "Skinny Bitch" and the cookbook that goes with it. I also have to journal to finish the series, but only because it was given to me. She though it was a cookbook to. Guess sometimes it does help to understand English when buying things. ;-)
My gout is pretty bad. Yesterday was Hubby's birthday and I had some cake. Not even the sugar loaded kind. And a half an hour later my fingers swelled up and started hurting, and this morning my big toe hurts and cramps up. (insert roll eyes smiley here)
Since I need more inspiration about this whole change in my lifestyle thing again I started searching the interwebs. In my search I remember reading "Skinny Bitch". It was a fun read and they promote the vegetarian lifestyle. So off into the kitchen I went where all my food books are. If the book has anything to do with food in any way and I own it, it is in my kitchen.
I will reread the lifestyle book and look threw the cookbook for new things to try.
I also remembered one of my German diet books named "Brigitte Diät" has a vegetarien tip in the daily meal plans. If it isn't a vegetarian meal already. And luckly I don't have to give up my beloved coffee. So this isn't all bad. Now if I can only figure out how to be able to eat some chocolate without the pain spasms afterwards, I'd be one happy woman. Docs appointment is on thursday, maybe he can tell me.

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