Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weight loss "remedies" on the cheap?

I've tried a few weight loss remedies and/or pills. A lot of them were not cheap either. From Chitosan to Alli, from Almaseed to Slim Fast :-P (yech by the way), they all cost a pretty penny.

That's why when I was browsing around on Pinterest I decided to try two home remedies that supposedly aid you in losing weight, exspecially around the belly where I have the most fat.

One is easy:

Well I am a Tea drinker, and I have a few very good quality green teas in my cabinets. I have no problems with drinking 5 cups of tea a day. So I started that yesterday after I discovered it. Let's see how this weeks weigh in will look like.
Number two is a little time intense, but nothing serious, and it costs a tad bit more money.

I discovered that little tid bit 3 days ago and started the "treatment" that evening. This one together with the green tea should give me a terrific weigh in Saturday right? Just in case I measured my tummy too. If the two remedies do not show on the scale. (Ha Ha from Nelson here)

Yes I am also critical.
A little background Info: I changed my eating lifestyle from a lot of meats to vegetarian a little over a week ago. No, not because of the animals, bless them for they do have to suffer, never should have watched that slaughter house movie (shudders), but because of my health. 
I've been having a lot of joint pain due to gout and possibly the starting of arthritis and that with 35 years of age! Changing my eating habits has cured the joint pain within two days! Yep it was that fast, and the pain was so bad I could hardly move my left arm, or lift my baby up.
Maybe it could also mean a big difference when it comes to my weight too. I wouldn't know for the last time I've eaten little to no meat was when my mom did all the cooking for the family. Back then it was cheaper than buying meat daily.  
I am also watching my calorie intake. Hey I have a lot of fat I want to get ride of. You can't do that if you keep eating to much. 
I am also doing something for my body and soul. My little girl deserves a happy mommy and every once in a while mommy deserves a break, so my little one stays with daddy or Omi so that I can do something for me for a hour or two. Most of the time I do something fitness related. I'm going to start a running program next week. 

So maybe in the end just like the big expensive weight loss cures it is me doing a lot of work that is the "trick" or "cure". Not the green tea or honey water. They do taste good though.
Not that I am  bickering or putting the "cures" down or anything. 
Green Tea is good for my health, full of cancer smashing antioxidants and so is honey, along with a load of minerals and vitamins that fight viruses and the like, cinnamon helps keep blood sugar levels under control. These are "super foods" by my definition.  
I also feel calmer and more confident, lack of sleep due to the baby waking me up at all hours doesn't bother me as much as before I started. A big plus. The cold I felt coming on hasn't broke out yet, just a slight stuffy nose that I can help with mint oil. I haven't had much of the usual sugar cravings due to lack of sleep either. 

So looking at all this even if the "cures" don't help with weight loss they have helped me in a few other ways. 

Still out of curiosity I will tell if I have a significant amount of weight off my body Saturday. When I just eat right and exercise I usually have a kilo per week off- if it's more this time I will tell you all.

Bye for now, Thanks for reading.

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