Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Purse Muff or Muffpurse

Has anyone ever combined a muff and a purse for the cold winter months? If not why not? After all all we women really need to take with us are keys, wallet, chapstick, and some tissues. Well maybe a powder compact and a small notebook for those odd ideas that jump into our minds. But still it all fits in a small purse.
I came up with the idea of combining a muff and a purse yesterday thanks to my tinkerbell purse i'm using right now. For it has two pocks in the front for things like cell phones and they are set off and buckled down. It dawned on me when I put my hand threw those pocket "hoops" that's it's just like a muff for the winter.
And presto walla the idea for my muff purse was born.
Since I have to go to the docs today to give him some of my blood for testing again I thought I could look down at the fabric store to see what typs of fake fur she has too. I have padding, and i'm sure I have enough scraps of material for doing the purse. If I don't find anything I like i'll knite it. But I want to do this little project. After all the next winter is coming and I usually get really cold hands!

Here's to retro styles going modern!

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