Monday, September 5, 2011

My knitting projects.

I have almost finished knitting up the vintage sweater. And I think I made a little mistake but i'm not sure yet. It has to do with the shoulders and neck. But first I have to finish the collar to be sure. Then when I do the make up i'll know for sure.
If all goes wrong I have two options. Sew what's to long to the inside of the sweater or frog it to the place where I messed up. I usually decide on it when i'm there and what looks better.

The knitted dress I want to make for myself is giving me just the tinest bit of greif and I haven't even started it yet! The original pattern calls for #6mm Needles and my yarn is for a #4mm max. So now to make the pattern that I really like I have to recalculate the stitches I need. Cause obviously I need a few more stitches than the original pattern. But for that the yarn is beautiful!!

I'm on sick leave for another week on tuesday I have to go to my docs to see how i'm doing and give more blood again. I swear they are vampires. And hopefully he'll give me the thumbs up to go on with my life the way it was before!

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