Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How do I simplify life?

Oh the wonders.

Today i'm racking my brain on how to simplify my life. And my life isn't that complicated.

I have work, my hobbies, exercise, and my Hubby with his family.

Not much.
But sometimes I think my job is a big time consumer. After all my job isn't a typical 9-5. It's a shift changing job that doesn't come in regular weeks, shift changes, etc.

I think all this came about due to what i've been through this last month.

Life isn't fair and life hit me badly in the guts.

But it did make me stop and think about what is important to me.

But I have to admit my job never crossed my mind in those last three weeks I was on sick leave.
Now that I had my meeting with my boss yesterday I came to think about it more.

There are days I love my job, and there are days I loath it.

I'm guessing it happens to a lot of people.

Yes i'm happy that my contract got renewed. And i'm grateful that it's only for 3 months right now too.

It will give me the time I need to figure out if I really want to keep it.

No it's not my dream job.

I think my dream job would be to work as a nutritionist.

I have to pay for the schooling myself though.

I could always go back to Arizona and open my own bakery and cafe.

I love baking.

I don't think I have to simplify my life.

I think I have to figure out what it is I really want.

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