Sunday, May 22, 2011

The longing of Running

Reading this motivatinal quote and loking out at this beautiful day I realise how true it is. I haven't had a run in a week and a half due to a sore throat. And now I really long for one. So here I am wondering if I should just take up where I left off or aim to try for where I should be now. 
Rereading the quote again I realise I want to try the day that I should be at by now if I didn't take the break due to being "sick". 

After all I am :

Or at least that's what I want to be.  ;o)
But blonde not dark. *chuckle*

And after all:

Oh yeah I sure am. 

I am a wonderful strong woman. No problem with tooting my horn there. And I will run. Maybe not today but I will tomorrow at the latest. First I am ging to nurse my headache. I will do some planks though. And I will check out a core strengthening work out. I want to bust the flab!

Women are all super Heroins!

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