Friday, April 22, 2011

Company Field Trip and other things.

Today is the day of the company field trip. I have no idea where we are actually going but we all have a idea. We think we're going to a climbing garden. I wonder if that's ging to it r not. Guess i'll find out when we get there. We're all meeting at twelve in front of the company.

On a other note, i'm back on the eating right and exercise plan. I really don't have any motivation, but I do follow instructions. So that's really all i'm doing right now. I eat when hungry, drink my 8+ glasses of water, eat clean, only 20 grams of sweets per day, and work out 20 minutes daily. Following these instructins will help me to lose the weight I still need to lose.

So now I have t get ready. Sport clothes here I come!

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